Our Constitution

The purpose of this club is to provide Police Officers and their civilian brothers, who are Harley-Davidson (or other V-Twin motorcycles of American origin) owners, the opportunity to associate with each other through organized Club interests and activities and to improve the public image of the sport of motorcycling by our conduct, our activities, and our service to the community.

The Los Carnales Motorcycle Club was initially established as a club for Law Enforcement Officers only. However, the members have many good non-law enforcement family and friends in the community who share their love of motorcycling and ride with the members in the Club. Therefore, La Familia MC was formed as the civilian arm of the Los Carnales MC. La Familia is one with the Los Carnales MC and is not a separate and autonomous Club.
Our Mission Statement
The Los Carnales Motorcycle Club is an organization whose members are all active or retired law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies and jurisdictions. They join together for: their love of American made V-Twin motorcycles; the love of the open road; the camaraderie found in a group of like-minded brothers; and to provide support and assistance to fellow officers and their families when needed. La Familia Motorcycle Club consists of the friends and family members of peace officers who belong to LCMC and is considered to be one with the Los Carnales MC. Together both clubs, acting as one, enjoy spending time with their brothers and the family of the club, the open road and providing assistance to those in the community in need.

Our Creed

Let it be known, that this is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, joined by our friends and family who like to ride the open road. We will not tolerate anyone who violates the law, nor tries to hide under the protection of our Colors.